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Your increasingly digital lifestyle has left your analog media collecting dust. 
Save it from obsolescence and digitize your life!

The Lifehacker guide tells you everything you need to know to organize your life.

There is just one small problem - most of these suggestions take a while to figure out / implement.  That's where I can help. 

If you are ready to embrace minimalism, I'm you sherpa.
I'm somewhat neurotic when it comes to media / record keeping, and I have spent years finding the best, most efficient ways to reduce "analog" clutter.

If you have any of these skeletons in your closet, drop me a line...
1. Old photos that haven't been digitized 
2. Home movies / videos on VHS/MiniDV/8mm
3. Audio recordings on tape
4. Important receipts or medical records sitting in a shoe box

You get the idea. From document imaging, to photo scanning, to video digitization, to media storage solutions - I can help you un-clutter your life, so you have more time to go and enjoy it.

So what does $50/hour get you?
I'm a hands-on guy, and I travel with with all the tools necessary to get the job started. While we inventory your analog assets and come up with a strategy on the best path to move them to the digital age, we will be doing one of the following in parallel...
1. Document Imaging - Using my scanner, we can digitize the equivalent of five years of tax returns 
or a box full of receipts in one hour.
2. Video Digitization - While we talk, we can transfer an old VHS/MiniDV recording to MP4.
3. Set-up Digital Storage - If you haven't done so already, we can use the time to build a filing 
system in the cloud.Type your paragraph here.

Please contact me to get started.

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